Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Primary Schools

Program Level :  
Primary School
School Name :  
Barclyne School of Foundation Studies

Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Schools (Primary 2-5)


The course aims to prepare international students for the AEIS examination - a pathway to gain entry into local schools in Singapore and equip them with the necessary skills required to examine key fundamentals, the right approach, effective solving techniques and test-taking strategies in the English language and Mathematics.

The AEIS is a centralized test on English and Mathematics that assesses the applicants’ English literacy, numeracy and reasoning abilities. It is conducted in September / October every year. Successful applicants can start school at the beginning of the academic year in January.International students who missed or failed the AEIS Test may sit for the Supplementary Admission Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS) Test in February / March every year. The S-AEIS Test will be for admission to the Primary 2 to Primary 4 and Secondary 1 to Secondary 2 levels only. There will be no admission to the Primary 5 and Secondary 3 levels under the S-AEIS.


Course Levels

Primary 2-5


Course Modules

  • English Language
  • Mathematics


Admission Requirements

For Primary 2 - Completed Primary 1

For Primary 3 - Completed Primary 2

For Primary 4 - Completed Primary 3

For Primary 5 - Completed Primary 4


English Language Requirements

For Primary 2 & 3 – No language requirement

For Primary 4 and 5 – more than 25 in the Barclyne College International Academic English Entrance Test (paper-based); or at least 31 in the Barclyne College International Academic English Entrance Test (web-based)


Name of Award



Awarding Body



Course Mode and Schedule

Full time

Monday to Friday (9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm) 6 contact hours per day

Total: 30 contact hours per week


Course Duration

6 months



Barclyne College International, 62 Cecil Street #03-00 TPI Building Singapore 049710


Fee Structure


Application Fee *

S $ 500

Course Fee

S $ 8400

Materials Fee

S $ 600

Internal Examination Fee

S $ 100/month

International Student Management Fee

S $ 300

Student Development Fee

S $ 830

Admin Fee

S $ 330

Total Fees

S $ 11560

All prices are subject to prevailing Goods & Service Tax (GST). Please refer to the official price list for a detailed breakdown.

College will provide FPS Insurance, Life/Accident & Medical Insurance and Guarantor Fee for Banker’s Guarantee (if any) for free.

* Application Fee paid is not refundable.

#All information is correct at the time of print and is subject to change without prior notice. Visit us at for detailed information and updates.


Payment modes

Cash, NETS, cheque (payable to Barclyne College International) or telegraphic transfer (not applicable for miscellaneous fees). 


Fee Collection Hours

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days



Applications to withdraw or defer from a course must be made in written form to Barclyne College International. For amount of refund, please refer to the college’s Refund Policy at


Student Fee Protection Scheme

The college has adopted insurance facility to provide full protection of all course fees paid by all students as part of the EduTrust Certification Scheme.  The College has also in place, as required under the EduTrust Scheme, a Medical Insurance Scheme for all its students. For more information on EduTrust for Education, please visit college website at Alternatively, you can also visit the official CPE website at  


Scheduled holidays

Refer to MOM Public Holidays calendar at and BCI Academic calendar. For more information, please contact our Education Consultant at (65) 6100 1995.


Manner of Teaching

Lectures, field trips, discussion strategies, group work


Average Teacher-Student Ratio

Lecture – 1:20

Field trip – 1:20

Note: Number of students in a classroom is subject to permitted seating capacity.


Module Description

English Language

Pupils will:

1) Respond to a variety of texts and demonstrate a positive attitude towards reading and language

2) Write legibly, coherently and cohesively for different purposes and audiences

3) Use reading strategies to construct meaning



Pupils will:

1) Acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life

2) Develop the mathematical thinking and problem solving skills and apply these skills to formulate and solve problems.

3) Recognize and use connections among mathematical ideas, and between mathematics and other disciplines.

4) Develop the abilities to reason logically, to communicate mathematically.


Manner of Assessment

Internal Assessment – Weekly quizzes and monthly class tests

External Assessment - Test conducted by MOE for AEIS and S-AEIS.


Final Assessment Dates

AEIS - September / October every year

Supplementary AEIS (S-AEIS) - February / March every year

*For actual examination date, please refer to


Expected Date of Release of Results

AEIS – December

Supplementary AEIS (S-AEIS) – April

*Actual date to be notified by MOE. Please refer to


Commencement & End Date of Course

Course starts from the first working day of every month to the last working day of the respective intake.


1)        BCI has the right to cancel an intake if the minimum number of students enrolled is less than 5 for any course. For withdrawal and refund policies, please refer  for details.


2)        Teachers will brief students at the beginning of an intake regarding all critical course information such as course contents, assessment details and other academic matters.


Graduation Requirements

Complete 6 months course / Student accepted by Government School


Attendance Requirements

As per ICA regulations, international students are required to achieve at least 90% attendance every month and not be absent for 7 consecutive days or more without any valid reason. Students who do not require ICA’s student’s pass are required to achieve at least 75% attendance rate. Only medical certificates are accepted as proof for absenteeism. Any other documents would be accepted on a case-by-case basis with full justification acceptable by ICA.



For updated information on teachers deployed to teach the modules, please refer to

QQ: 648333439