Principal's Message

On behalf of the management and staff, we welcome you to Barclyne College International. We truly hope to inspire you in meeting your educational needs even as you aspire to succeed.


Here at Barclyne, we are committed to deliver top-quality programs that will provide you a competitive edge in society. We hope to achieve this by providing you with a caring, responsible and respectable learning environment that encourages students to develop the best of their educational abilities.


We are also committed to ensure your welfare is well-looked after during your academic pursuit in Singapore. In this regard, we have in place, proper welfare systems and practices to provide assurance to international students and their parents that the school adheres to fair and ethical trade practices.


Lastly, we thank you for selecting us as the school of your choice. Your confidence in us will not be in vain as we seek to serve you with passion and enthusiasm.



Mr. Jackie Liu

QQ: 648333439