Weekly Assembly of Barclyne: How to prepare the coming AEIS?
How to prepare the coming AEIS? Ms Lisa tells the students to learn to set and reach goals, and then to be an self-directed learner. Barclyne College International Established in 1995, Barclyne College International (BCI) was found with the ...
On 17 May 2018
Weekly Assembly of Barclyne: What will you do on Mothers' Day?
With the Mothers' Day just round the corner, pastor Lam shows the theme of Grateful at Assembly. She encourages students to say 'love you' to their mothers and to be a concerned global citizen. Barclyne College International Established in ...
On 7 May 2018
Weekly Assembly of Barclyne: How to be a self-directed learner?
How to be a self-directed learner? Mr. David Cheong, an outstanding graduate from NUS and a good speaker, shares his successful experience that you have discipline to do what you should do when you don't like doing it. Barclyne College ...
On 24 Apr 2018
Barclyne won the second consecutive Singapore Prestige Brand Award!
Congratulations! Barclyne won the second consecutive Singapore Prestige Brand Award!    
On 7 Sep 2017
Barclyne College wins Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2016
Barclyne College was among the recipients of the prestigious Singapore Prestige Brand Awards-Established Brand on 01 September 2016 at the Marina Mandarin Hotel. The SPBA recognize and honours Singapore brands that have been developed and ...
On 5 Sep 2016
The first day of September marks a very special day for our Barclyne Teachers as students and staff prepared special tokens and cards to commemorate this wondrous event. Students sent out their favourite 'Happy Teacher's Day' ...
On 5 Sep 2016
Oral Roberts University visits Barclyne College
Thank you Dr. Kathaleen Reid- Martinez, Academic Head from Oral Roberts University, USA for visiting Barclyne. The inspiring talk gave valuable insights on the current trends in education and reinforced our continued commitment to provide ...
On 13 May 2016
Chinese New Year 2016
It was a day of celebrations indeed as the college celebrated Chinese New Year on the 4th of February. Our Principal, Mr Jackie Liu, featured the milestones and achievements of the college and recognized some of our outstanding staff members, Ms ...
On 13 May 2016
March 2016 Learning Journey
Students embarked on an interesting week of learning through excursions and series of workshops. During this week students visited a museum showcasing the possible future of Singapore, learnt interviewing skills for television, contributed to the ...
On 13 May 2016
Improving Memory Skills
A big thank you goes out to Ms Joy from Memo for sharing the skills and techniques to improve students' memory of various English words. This special learning session took place on Saturday, 13th of February. It was a session filled with ...
On 13 May 2016
AEIS Roadshow Seminar at the EXPO
It was a successful event at the AEIS Roadshow Seminar for parents/guardians last 24-25 Feb at the Max Atria, EXPO. Thank you very much to all those who attended the talks and visited our booth!  
On 13 May 2016
亲密之旅 - 婚恋情商自我成长课  Journey to Intimacy Workshop
地点: Suntec Singapore Convention& Exhibition Centre Level 31 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City,Singapore 039593费用: 单人$$280 夫妻 $$460 (包括两天工作坊及一整套教材,包括 12节课程的 12张 ...
On 22 Apr 2016
AEIS and O Level Examinations 2015
The AEIS and O Level examinations are just around the corner. Time is a luxury and a very previous resource and studying involves a lot of hard work. Through individual and study groups, students are advised to spend quality time ...
On 28 Aug 2015
Barclyne has recently launched the 'Barclyne Digital School Bag' FREE for our students. The platform offers beautifully designed lessons with practice tests & quizzes readily accessed via the college ...
On 28 Aug 2015
Counselling Services
Our college has specially arranged for students to meet professional counsellors to air their mental or emotional concerns and issues while studying in Singapore. The counselling services is part of our services ...
On 28 Aug 2015
Barclyne International Games Day
// In cooperation with Hongkong Wing Kwong Holiness Church and Ark Church, our students had a meaningful games day event on the 14th of August. The students spent a fun filled afternoon on meet and greet, treasure hunt, and engaged in ...
On 28 Aug 2015
How Study Tours can be a Meaningful Experience
// In the previous months, our college hosted various study tour groups from South Korea, Indonesia and China. It was a standout success as students had practical learning activities in language learning, magic tricks, and insightful ...
On 28 Aug 2015
SG50 Singapore
Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence on the 9th of August. It is a milestone considering that Singapore is a small island with no resource except for its people. The small Lion City can stand proudly alongside other ...
On 28 Aug 2015
Visit to Comcrop
Students visited Comcrop - a pioneer organization in rooftop gardening in Singapore on 30th Oct afternoon. Located at Scape, the students enjoyed the hands on learning about the aquaponic system and plant propagation at the rooftop garden. ...
On 9 Dec 2014
Visit to Peranakan Museum
On 09 October 2014, the students with their teachers visited the Peranakan Museum for a half day historical and cultural tour. Students were taken back in time as the museum docents explained about the life and culture of the early inhabitants of ...
On 9 Dec 2014
The Secret to Happiness Seminar
On Saturday, the 20th of September 2014, the assembly area of Barclyne College International was not just filled with guests, students and staff but with laughter as well. The interest in this event was overwhelming as many outsiders in addition ...
On 30 Sep 2014
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