Hu Jiafang

Posted on 2 Dec 2013

Hi. I’m Hu Jiafang from Qingdao and I’ve been in Barclyne for about 1 year studying the O Level Course. All the teachers and staff members did a great job.

Besides learning the knowledge from the books, I can feel the school put a lot of effort to help students improve in other aspects. The school is constantly preparing activities like trips and celebratory functions to get the students together and improve their relationships. Through these activities and excursions, I become more familiar with the culture and customs of Singapore. It was challenging to learn how to adapt myself into the new environment as a foreigner, but my classmates and I really overcame the barrier in a short time. For example, one Friday afternoon our teacher brought us to URA, which is near our school. He introduced the current situation of Singapore, and the future plans. By viewing the whole picture of Singapore on the diagram, we not only improve our vocabulary, but also learn more practical knowledge.

During this trip, we also tried to talk to the staff members to practice our oral. The staff there were very friendly, and they also shared with us some useful information and gave us some suggestions on how to improve. I really have to show my thanks and appreciation to Barclyne who arranged such good courses for us. Furthermore, Barclyne has a teacher who is in charge of the students’ life. Every week the teacher will talk to me personally to know my current situation and help me overcome my stress including homesickness. We also have some courses like character building so I can feel the warmth during my journey in Barclyne. Thanks you, Mr Liu for helping me both inside and outside of the school. Thanks Barclyne Business School, and I appreciate the excellent journey you provided for my academic growth.


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