Outing to East Coast Park [14th Oct 2013]

Posted on 2 Dec 2013

It threatened to pour again on that grey Monday morning but the weather turned out to be perfect for an outing to the East Coast Park. It was probably a blessing in disguise that the clouds hovering above the staff and students at the beach gave them some relief. This was especially so in the afternoon when the clouds provided much-welcomed shade from the sun and the breeze made the outing a pleasant experience. 

“It was drizzling at first but stopped soon after. I enjoyed myself very much because I could play games with my classmates. We built a sandcastle-that was my first time building a whole sandcastle with my friends in Singapore.” – Song Siyuan, 2014 O Levels. 

“This outing helps students to understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation besides academic knowledge. This kind of activity is more meaningful to develop students’ personality and values.” – Ms Qin Si, Teacher 

The students and staff got to the beach at around 1030 in the morning and after a round of ice- breaker games, the students were broken up into 4 groups where they competed in a series of different station games. 

“I feel very happy because we played games together and it helps us to understand about how collective strength is so strong!” – Feng Xueting 2014 O Levels 

“The activities help the students to know more about the concepts of Responsibility, Honor, and Teamwork. The management, teachers and staff of Barclyne worked together to put this event together while the students cooperated to compete in the games. It really felt like a family and not just a school!” – Mr Vanness Liu, Education Consultant 

The students had to work as a team and participate in multiple events like scavenger hunt, I Spy, ball toss, relay race, blind folded navigation, human caterpillar, shuttlecock bouncing and untangling crossed hands. These exciting games helped the hours fly by and before anyone knew it, lunch was served. The students and staff were treated to a buffet spread of noodles, fried rice, chicken wings, spicy fish, stir-fried vegetables, fish balls and dessert. 

“During the games, we trust each other, help each other and work together’ It enables me to understand the importance of team spirit and also feel like part of a big, warm family.” – Ms Vivian Wang, Student Services 

After lunch, the final competitive event was a sand sculpturing competition where the teams worked together to produce works of art in sand that impressed in terms of creativity, technique and size. 

“We went to the beach and it was a good place for us to play and have fun. What did I learn from the beach? Teamwork - it is very important to me. I got a chance to learn all about teamwork while working with my classmates at the beach.” – Chen Mingjin, Secondary 3 

“Although it rained a little at first that day, I still enjoyed the activities. We had fun and delicious food there. Our class won the games and got an award. We also made a beautiful sandcastle!” – Lv Xueqi, 2014 O Levels 

Among some of the more impressive creations were The Great Wall of China, a Panda's face and the quintessential sand castles. The students and staff went home with sand in their feet and a smile on their faces having experienced the tropical beach culture of Singapore. What a great way to spend the eve of the Hari Raya Haji Public holiday! 

“It was really good because our team came in first out of the four groups, and we got a reward which was delicious. Besides we also made beautiful sandcastles and we enjoyed ourselves very much!” –Li Ruitong, 2014 O Levels 

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