Motivational Talk

Posted on 2 Dec 2013

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says 'No wind is favourable if one does not know to which port one is sailing'. As part of Barclyne's continual efforts to provide holistic education to its students, a motivational talk was conducted on 5th January 2012 for the O level and Government school preparatory classes. Dr. Tan, the Vice-Principal and Ms Sayu, Academic Manager and form teacher for the O level, shared on the subject of setting goals, its significance and how to set them. 

The event was intentionally held at the beginning of the academic year with two main aims to stir up students into the right momentum and get them to set specific goals which would effectively motivate them to achieve better results. Moreover, goal setting as a life skill would benefit the students throughout their academic career. 

The aftermath of the talk saw students dividing themselves into dynamic cell groups one of the college's unique specialties with regard to enhancing the learning experience of students. The first step taken was seeing large, distant goals chunked into smaller sub goals. As Michael Jordan once said, "Step by step, I can't see any other way of accomplishing anything."

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