Course Deferment and Extension

Posted on 26 Feb 2014

Course Deferment and Extenson


The College allows students to request for deferment when there are extenuating circumstances are present, such as serious health conditions, pregnancy, or significant care-giving responsibilities arise.  For international students who are in Singapore on a Student Pass, deferment has implications on whether the student may even be able to complete the course.  As these circumstances go beyond its control, the College generally discourages deferment, though exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.


Where a deferment is allowed, the length of time of the deferment is not included in the time period for completion of the program and deadlines will be adjusted accordingly.


During the deferment, all supervisory processes are suspended. Students can neither undertake any academic or research work nor use any of the College’s facilities during the period of the leave. During the deferment, the student will be considered to have ‘inactive’ status.


No program fees or tuition fees will be charged during the deferment period.


All deferment arrangements must be discussed as early as possible with the Student Service Centre so that appropriate adjustments can be made prior to the start date of the leave.


Students who wish to defer course should submit to the Student Service Centre valid reasons with supporting documents where possible, using BCI-FRM-4402 Deferment from-Extension of Course. The request should include the following:

  1. Reasons for the request;
  2. Length of deferment requested;
  3. Pertinent documentation related to the deferment request (e.g. if a medical leave, provide a letter from a qualified health practitioner).


Requests for deferment are subject to approval by the Principal.  Principal will inform the Student Service Centre of his decision.  If approved, the Student Service Centre will place a special notation on the student’s record and notify the student of the College's decision.


Students are to notify the Student Service Centre once they are ready to resume their studies.


Ordinarily, the maximum length of a deferment is one (1) year.


The policy of the College is not to allow course extensions, where a student is given an extended period to complete a course that other students in the same course would not normally be given.  

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