Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014

Posted on 12 Mar 2014

The College was buzzing with excitement on Tuesday, the 28th of January as parents, guardians, visitors, students and staff got ready for the exciting Chinese New Year Celebrations ahead. The festivities kicked off with the Principal, Mr. Jackie Liu’s welcome address. He reflected on the past year through a video montage highlighting the key events of 2013 and shared with everyone present on the college’s vision mission and values (i.e. being respectful, driven to succeed and adaptable to change). By embracing the core values of the college, Mr. Liu hoped the students would stand out and be able to distinguish themselves among their peers through their attitude, behavior and achievements. It was these precise values that had once transformed an ordinary student like him to what he is today. 

The fun filled and interactive games in which parents, visitors, staff and students participated were the prelude to the climate of the CNY celebration. The merriment reached a zenith with student performances such as solo singing, hi-hop, drumming and the audience singing in sync with gusto like a karaoke session.

The festivities were followed by presentation of long service awards to staff who had been with the college for more than 3 years.

The highlight of the event was the sumptuous buffet spread with customary home-made dumplings to herald the start of the Chinese New Year. At the end of the day our international students departed with the newfound perception that ‘Home isn't just a place, it’s a feeling that we share with our loved ones.’ This is what Barclyne has always strived to achieve. 

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