East Coast Outing Friday, 25th July 2014

Posted on 7 Aug 2014

The college brought the students to the East Coast on Friday for a recreational outing. In fact, a few other guests which included and visitors tagged along for some fun on that day too. It was great day out as the sun was shining and the breeze was fantastic. The students played a series of station games where they showcased their teamwork, creativity, problem-solving skills, mental and physical prowess. It was a great opportunity to get the students to learn in a fun way and embrace the college's core values as well. The event was designed as a competition to get the students to strive towards success. By working as a team to solve puzzles, they had to respect one another and be adaptable to change. Judging by the excitement, smiling faces and enthusiasm, it was safe to say that the students enjoyed themselves on the beach. The outing ended with a sumptuous buffet spread.

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