BCI 19th Annivesary and Mid- Autumn Festival Celebrations 2014

Posted on 30 Sep 2014

 “This was an unforgettable experience!” - Mrs Yao, Parent

It was a celebration to remember as the college celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival and 19th Anniversary on Friday, 5thSeptember. It was also a momentous occasion as the event was jointly organized and hosted by The Ark Ministry. The festivities was attended by specially invited guests, parents, students and staff of Barclyne College International.

“I felt really happy to celebrate this event with the students on such a special day! The principal’s story and experience was especially touching.” – Mrs Dong, Parent

After a brief background on the history and achievements of the college, the audience were treated to a spectacular array of performances by students and some special guests. There was music, singing and a variety of other performances. The show was even more exciting because of the lucky draws and the traditional game of lantern riddles.

“The event really reflected the spirit of Barclyne. It was very exciting and well-organized. My favourite part of the celebration is the guitar performance because of the inspirational song that they chose.” – Gloria, English Teacher

“I enjoyed the performances and the lucky draw. The performance made me feel relaxed and the lucky draw rewarded me with some tasty treats.” – Qiran, Primary

This day was made even more memorable when all the guests, students and staff mingled after the concert for a sumptuous buffet dinner spread. The Ark Ministry also gave everyone some lovely parting gifts to commemorate this special day.

“The celebration was very meaningful. The Sec 1 children’s performance was my favourite part of the show as it reminds me of my childhood innocence. I thank the school for giving me so much knowledge and teaching me how to be grateful.” – Xiaoqi, Secondary 3

 “I felt the warmth and happiness of the occasion. I hope that next time we can see more people attending and participating in this event. Working with the children on the dramatic performance was awesome because they were so committed to making it a success!” – Vivian, Student Services

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